Four Drum Nestable
Four Drum Nestable

4 Drum Spill Pallet Polyethylene construction for excellent chemical resistance, the 1646 features a spill capacity of 66 gallons and gratings with 1.75" square openings which remove easily for cleaning. Forkliftable design with a 3/4" drain plug. Compatible with Eagle model 1689 ramp for easy loading and unloading drums. Meets EPA requirements for secondary spill containment of hazardous materials(40 CFR 264.175). Shown with optional ramp.

SPILL CAPACITY: 66 gallons
WEIGHT: 65 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 58.5" x 58.5" x 7.75"
LOAD CAPACITY: 6,000 lbs

Compliance: EPA 40 CFR 264.175
$ 460.00