Air Loc Joint Testers
Air Loc Joint Testers
Fast, safe and easy to use, a five-second test determines joint integrity. Cherne's Air-Loc® Joint Tester is designed to test large-diameter, installed, pre-cast concrete pipe as described in ASTM C1103.

Ready to test with water or air straight from Cherne's factory—no modifications are needed—the Air-Loc® Joint Tester also allows you to pre-test before backfilling. Capable of testing to 15 PSI air or 50 psi water.

• Sleeveless, lightweight aluminum design allows for easy assembly in manholes
• Independent, adjustable wheels—easy to move
• Quick-connect control panel is simple to install and remove, plus the top-mounting feature won't interfere with laser usage
• Available with or without control panel and wheel kit
• Replacement end elements are available
• Recommended for testing pipe 21" and larger
Joint Tester
$ 4,136.00