Pneumatic Plugs With Bypass
Pneumatic Plugs With Bypass
These Plugs offer a full bypass allowing both testing and monitoring of the piping system. Plugs are ideal for installation and repair of residential or commercial piping applications. Plugs can be used for maintenance of municipal infrastructure, including sanitary and storm sewer pipe systems. Plugs are durable, rugged and are effective on almost any type of pipe.

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• Plugs are designed with ¼" Shrader Tire inflation valve
• Larger diameter Plugs include a removable threaded valve, allowing the user to replace with quick disconnect fittings
• Plugs with flexible bypass are bendable to 90˚
• Multi-Size Plugs allow more options and less inventory

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Plug Size (P), By Pass (BP) Size & Part Number
Inflation Hose
$ 99.00

BYpass Flow Throug Plug specs
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