Long test Ball
Long test Ball
Long Test-Ball® plugs are designed for waste stack testing—sealing the rise and the run to perform the test. These long ball plugs can also be used to seal the wye to conduct sewer air tests. Molded-in sealing ribs at each end of the plug ensure a leak-free seal.

Long Test-Ball® Plug (“The Original") Features:
• Ring and chain assembly keeps plug from entering line during deflation
• Includes 3' extension hose

MS2® Long Test-Ball® Plug Features:
• Multi-size design for use in various pipe diameters
• Multi-stage design eliminates backsplash
• Integrated relief valve reduces the possibility of over-inflation
• Nylon strap and handle keeps plug from entering line during deflation

Pneumatic Pipe Plug with Bypass Details
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Plug Size & Part Number
$ 54.00

Long Test Ball Specs