Air Loc Leak Locator Plugs
Air Loc Leak Locator Plugs
Air-Loc® leak locator plugs are designed for both low-pressure sewer line acceptance tests as well as leak location testing. Air-Loc® plugs can also be used to block flow by simply plugging the fill and read-back ports.


• Eye bolts on both ends
• Easy-to-use quick-disconnect hose connections
• Rupture discs available
• Cross-biased cording on sizes 15"-30", 24"-42", and 40"-60"

“Front" Air-Loc® Leak Locator Plugs also come equipped with:
• Color-coded inflation ports
• Removable air fittings
• Flexible internal hoses
• Field replaceable sleeves

Pneumatic Pipe Plug with Bypass Details
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Plug Size & Part Number
$ 379.00

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