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SPCC Overview
Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure

To prevent oil discharges from reaching navigable waters of the U.S. or adjoining shorelines.

Oil Pollution Prevention Reg: 40 CFR 112

Rule Applicability
- If the total aboveground storage in tanks or containers is greater than
1,320 gallons and/or greater than 42K gallons underground storage (not 280/281 exempt)

- Non-transportation related
- Reasonable chance of a discharge per 40 CFR 112.1(b) to waters of the U.S. or adjoining shorelines
- Oil means oil of
any kind or in any form, including, but not limited to:
*Petroleum and fuel oils (gas, diesel, lubes, mineral spirits)
*Synthetic oils
*Oil refuse
*Oil mixed with wastes other than dredged spoil
*Animal fats, oils, greases
*Vegetable oils
*Mineral oils
*Hazardous substances that are oils, or mixed with oil

- Non-transportation related

- Industrial, commercial, agricultural, public facilities which use, store, drill for, produce, gather, process, refine, consume oil/oil products

- Pipeline systems, highway vehicles and railroad cars used to transport oil exclusively within a facility

- Oil refining or storage facilities

- Reasonable expectation

- CFR 112.1(b) refers to 40 CFR 110 (“sheen rule”)

- Discharges that may be harmful to the public health or welfare or the environment including discharges of oil that:

*Violate applicable water quality standards; or

*Cause a film or sheen upon or discoloration of the surface of the water or adjoining shorelines or cause a sludge or emulsion to be deposited beneath the surface of the water or upon adjoining shorelines.

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