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Overview of Best Management Practices (BMPs)

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What are Baseline BMPs?

• Good housekeeping; reduce spill potential, routine inspections
• Preventive maintenance; maintain pipes, pumps, drum/tank storage and stormwater devices
• Visual Inspections; signs of obvious stormwater contamination in outdoor storage and processing areas
• Spill Prevention and Response; spill containment of drums and tanks, spill clean-up procedures, easily accessible spill response products.
• Sediment and Erosion Control; Control methods to high erosion areas due to topography activities or other factors.
• Runoff Management; flow diversion, filtering using catch basin inserts, use of sumps, berms, mitigative techniques such as vacuuming, use of sorbents.
What are Advanced BMPs? 
• Vegetated Filter Strips
• Detention Basins and Ponds
• Catch Basin Filters (disposable)
• Passive Skimmers
• Litter Removal Devices
• Silt Fences
• Drain Inlet Inserts
• Permanent Catch Basin Inserts

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