Meltblown Pads & Rolls - Details & Pricing
High lofting pads absorb approximately 20 times their own weight, the most economical solution for large spills. Oil-only melt-blown sorbents will float indefinitely, are not affected by temperature, and are also flame resistant.

Dimple Bonded Pads & Rolls - Details & Pricing
These reduced-lint - higher tensile strength sorbents are manufactured by bonding layers of melt-blown sorbents together post manufacturing.

Fine Fiber Pads & Rolls - Details & Pricing
These sorbents consist of two layers of fine fiber polypropylene ultrasonically bonded around a high-loft melt-blown core.

Laminated Pads & Rolls - Details & Pricing
Combining the absorbent properties of melt-blown products with the strength of air laid construction, laminated construction is the strongest line of lint free spunbond fabric.

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