Pom Pom Spill Clean Up
Detect and Sample Underwater Oil
Used for in column detection and dragged on chains to sample bottom sediment for oil

Watch video with Admiral Thad Allen on Underwater Oil Detection

Step One
−Deployment of “snare sentinels” at selected locations . Snare sentinels consist of anchors attached to a rope with snare (white pom poms) attached to it from the seafloor to the surface

Step Two
−After 24 hours, the snare sentinels will be pulled up and inspected visually for any oil. Use our standard descriptors to estimate the % oil cover, particle size, color, etc.

Step Three
−If not oiled, they will be replaced for another 24 hour period.

Step Four
−If oiled, the snare will need to be photographed, removed, bagged for disposal, and replaced with clean snare. Representative samples will be collected from oiled snare.

Step Five
−File a report describing the methods and results with a map showing the locations and oiling summary, photographs, and recommendations for any additional assessments.

Oil Only Snare Sentinels
Oil Only Snare Sentinels
Used for underwater oil detection, 10 of our .25lb Poms are instrumental in perform tests as per the NCP plan and NOAA's approved testing methods.

Light Poms secured to 25' Rope
- SS-PS-10

$ 34.00

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